Shabbat Shalom

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The Sabbath Day is a Moedim appointment between YHWH El Shaddai and His Creation.
Bereshith: 2:2/3/4.  Shemoth:20:8/9/10/11.
( I have had to used YHWH as the paleo-hebrew font for the Name is unavailable?)
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Below, is the Paleo-Hebrew: Which was used by a 'Pagan Moabite King':

The Creator's Name can be found on the Moabite Stone in the Louvre Paris and the Los Luna Stone found in the America's. 

Psalms/Tehillim 76:1 States: 'In Judah is God known, his Name is great in Israel.'
  Now read it again: 'In Yahudah, is Elohim known, his Name is great in Yisra'el'.

Yahudah is the Royal Tribe of the Nation of Yisra'el, where the Mashiach came from.
Below is the Babylonian influenced Hebrew Alphabet:

If you remove the 'daleth/dalet', which represents a 'Door',
(the Mashiach, being The Door which All must go through to Eternal Hai.)
you are left with the 4 letters for the Set-apart Name of the Creator of All Moments,
as given to Moses/Mosheh to the Nation of Yisrael to Teach All The Nations of the Earth.

(On which, they Failed!!!)

Therefore, HE scattered them to the 4 Winds of the Earth for a Witness to the Future Nations of the Earth of their 'Disobedience and Idolatry' Behaviour.
 And, in the Future Nations to come of the Gentiles/Goyim they would loose their National Identity and become part of those Nations, where they still are Today 2016.

YHWH has sworn an OATH in a Number of 'Covenants/Vows/Promises' to Abraham, Yitzak, Ya'acob (Yisra'el),
King Dawid and the Future 'Seed' of ALL those Involved in the Covenant,   
that HE will Redeemed the 10 Tribe Nation House of Yisra'el,
the House of Yahudah and little Benyamin
in a Future Exodus and Punish the World and the Nations
that Hate Him and His Commandments.

The BirthRight Promise (Double Portion) was given by Ya'acob (Yisra'el) to Yoseph's two sons in Mitsrayim,
who were Ephrayim and Manneshah.
These Two would finally become Great Britain & the Commonwealth of Nations and the U.S.A.

The Coronation Stone and Throne of the Kingdom of Yisra'el was to be occupied by the Tribe of Yahudah from the House of Dawid until Shiloh came.

The Coronation Stone of the Kingdom was taken to:
1st: Ireland.
2nd: Scotland
3rd: Westminster, England.
where it is Commonly known as: Jacob/Ya'acob (Yisra'el's) Pillar or the Stone of Destiny.


Debarim/Deuteronomy: 6:4: Hear, O Yisra'el: YHWH our Elohim, YHWH is One (Echad) !

May you be most Baruk along your Temporal Journey?

Keep The Sabbath Day Set-Apart & Guard The Kingdom and The Laws.

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